In 2014, Beaudelor Cosmetics was nominated for the Beauty Astir Awards in the category ‘’Best Beauty Discovery’’. For the 30th time, these Awards were awarded for the best cosmetical products of the year. It is about the most beautiful, best and most innovative beauty products of 2014, for which Beaudelor’s sprays were nominated! The expert beauty jury reviews the nominated beauty products, and will choose the best ones from these in the various categories. Nowadays, the name of this award is Dutch Beauty Award, and is it the most coveted beauty price of the Netherlands, with the most beautiful cosmetics brands!

Beaudelor Cosmetics has also been nominated for ‘’Best New Premium Skincare’’ at the Pure Beauty Global Awards in the year 2020. This is the third edition of these Awards, at which there are 39 categories and winners will be selected from the 33 participating countries. The most innovative and international brands are nominated at these Awards, and Beaudelor Cosmetics is one of them! The members of the jury, existing of international beauty experts, are voting for the winners, where they look at several features such as innovation, packaging and effectiveness of the product.

Also in 2021, Beaudelor Cosmetics was nominated for the Dutch Beauty Award in the category ‘’Made in NL’’. At this, the best, most beautiful and most original cosmetical products are reviewed by the jury, also known as the Experts of Beauty. There are 25 categories under which 200 products fall within. The category ‘’Made in NL’’ – for which Beaudelor’s sprays are nominated – is based on the newest developments in cosmetics, with a combination of innovative formulas with the newest cosmetical trends!