Beaudelor Cosmetics is a brand that started in 2014 and is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Laurette Nijenbandring de Boer, former owner of a beauty salon, searched the world for a product that would make women look radiant in a few seconds, also over make-up. Such product was not found. She decided to create it and developed new products.

Laurette: “After talking to many women, I realised that they, like me, missed a  specific sort of product for skincare/ cosmetics to carry with them. This gave me the idea to develop a new product which has multiple benefits in one treatment. It took me and the lab eight years to develop a formula that meets all the requirements. The formula I came up with has become the Divine Sensation Refreshing Spray. Now 4 years later there is a follow up in this line: The Divine Sensation Face Beauty Spray and the Divine Sensation Body Spray with pure gold and cashmere in it. One specially designed for the face and one for the body – both unique Sprays that refresh, soften, hydrate and lightly lift the skin with a beautiful natural glow.’’ Also as a setting spray over make-up. The Divine Sensation Beauty Spray is “divine” in airplanes.