In ancient history Gold always played an essential role in the beauty world due to its many cosmetic advantages.
Gold in Latin is AURUM which means lights.

  • In the Egyptian time Cleopatra slept with a golden mask to keep her eternal youth
  • In the Chinese culture they used Gold to have a long & healthy life
  • In the Roman time Gold was used for skin problems. Gold gives the skin new energy
  • Gold is really a true jewelry in cosmetics

The Divine Sensation Gold Cashmere Body Spray contains two special ingredients: pure gold and cashmere. Gold has many benefits for the skin. It stimulates the skin’s elasticity, blood circulation and has an anti-aging effect.

‘’Gold for a healthy glow.’’

‘’ Cashmere for silky soft skin.’’


Cashmere is known for its soft feeling on the skin. Cashmere has the following Cosmetic Advantages:

  • Improves the feeling of the skin
  • Gives the skin a luxurious feeling
  • Gives the skin a beautiful glow
  • Protects the skin

Cashmere revives the skin to a youthful natural glow, softens the skin and improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Cashmere starts with the goat – the Capra hircus laniger– in possession of a wonderful coat. This particular goat lives in areas with enormous temperature differences throughout the year. To defy the harsh weather conditions and the windy climate, Mother Nature has devised an inventive trick for the goat, hidden in its fur. Underneath the stiff, protective outside hair is a fluffy undercoat with ultra-fine, soft fiber. This fiber, the cashmere wool, is exceptionally fine, almost four times as fine as human hair. Apart from being fine, cashmere is extremely soft, very durable and has insulating properties that change with humidity. This beautiful solution of nature keeps the goats warm in harsh winters and at the same time cool in sizzling summers. Moreover, cashmere is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

To obtain the best quality cashmere, it is very important to remove the fiber from the goat’s undercoat in the right way and at the right time. This careful work is done by shepherds who know exactly how and when to comb the fine fibers from the fur. Traditionally extracted cashmere comes from the goat’s neck, belly and chin. For centuries, this art-form of extracting wool has been passed on from father to son in the shepherds’ tribes. For the extracting process, timing is essential. The combing is done in the spring because then the lower hair, which has protected the goat so well against the cold, will come loose automatically. So the shepherds need to comb the goats exactly when they start moulting, not a day before or a day after. That’s when the cashmere hairs are the longest and the longer the hairs, the softer the end product and its quality will be.